2021 Ukulele Scholarship Application Form

We are very pleased that you would like to apply for the Cutie Circle Ukulele Scholarship. This scholarship provides ukuleles to help the recipients further their ukulele journey and passion.

The ukuleles in this scholarship program are results of Cutie Circle’s community involvement and outreach activities. We acknowledge the support from the following generous partners:

  • Coquitlam Retired Teachers Association (awarded in 2019)
  • Donna Brearley (awarded in 2019)
  • Donna Wilson
  • Douglas Park Community Centre (awarded in 2019)
  • Francesca Arteficio in honour of Anita Legaspi
  • Killarney Community Centre (awarded in 2019)
  • Lulu Island Strummers (awarded in 2019)
  • Smiling Creek Elementary
  • Stephanie Clark (awarded in 2018)

Please help us get to know you by completing the application form below.