The Cutie Circle is a volunteer group. To support its activities, you can help offset some of its operating expenses (including monthly facility rental, snacks, website-related costs, supplies, etc.) by purchasing some (or all) of the full-colour Cutie Circle Fanware below at bargain prices.

Cutie Circle Mug ($12)

Let this custom-made Cutie Circle mug brighten up your day when you reach for your favourite beverage each morning. With its just-right lip and generous volume, we’ve received feedback that this mug provides daily drinking pleasure for the lucky beholder.

Cutie Circle Mug

Cutie Circle Colour Mugs ($15)

Now they come in rainbow colours, too!
Cutie Circle Red MugCutie Circle Orange MugCutie Circle Yellow MugCutie Circle Green MugCutie Circle Blue Mug

Cutie Signature T-Shirt ($15)

Cutie Circle T-Shirt

Please consult the table below for fitting and specify size (S, M, L, XL) when ordering. Special orders of 2XL and 3XL are available (@$2 each extra).

Size Chart

Cutie Signature Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($20)

These Fruit of the Loom HD Heavy Cotton long-sleeve tees are made with 100% cotton. They are perfect for the slightly chilly days.


Cutie “Uke Can Make My Day” T-Shirt ($15)

Cutie “Where There’s A Uke, There’s A Way” Series T-Shirt ($15)

Design A

Design B

Design C

Ukulele Greeting Card ($3) – Blank Inside

Share your ukulele sentiments with this delightful greeting card. It has a linen-texture finish and the inside page is left blank and eagerly awaiting your creative message.


Cutie Circle Large Deluxe Two-Tone Tote Bag ($16)

These Cutie Circle tote bags are collectors’ items and are made of 100% Natural 12 oz (407 g/m²) cotton. They are larger than our original tote bags. You have more room for all your uke-related accessories with this 48.3cm x 38.1cm x 15.2cm (19″ x 15″ x 6″) bag.  As we ordered only a few, this is also a collector’s item.


Cutie Circle Tote Bag ($10) – SOLD OUT

These Cutie Circle tote bags are collector’s items and are made of 100% Natural 8 oz (272 g/m²) cotton. They are handy for carrying all your ukulele song books and gear. Their dimensions are 36cm x 34cm x 6cm (or 14″ x 14″ x 3″). There are two designs to choose from and each design is printed on the front of the bag.

Cutie Tote Bag 1 lp