Cutie Christmas Extravaganza with Gary and Ron

Cutie Christmas Extravaganza with Gary and Ron for the Circle and Ralph for the Workshop

We had a memorable star-studded December afternoon and a cornucopia worth of goodies and treats brought by the Cuties. Santa also made a special appearance to wow the crowd and lots of jingle bells were disseminated into the hands of would-be carolers. Gary and Ron once again led the Cuties in joyful and upbeat songs. The Christmas spirit filled the room and hearts of the Cuties. Everyone had a good laugh when Ron performed The Huron Carol with Brenda as the impeccable pink bell-ringer!

When Ralph arrived early for his Christmas Song Workshop during performance time, he kindly obliged to popular requests and performed a few songs (where some he used his harmonica, too). The highlight was when Gary, Ralph and Ron all teamed up to give us The Twelve Days of Christmas! It was so very entertaining that we couldn’t stop laughing. Kudos to Ralph for his animated gestures that went with the singing and strumming!

We thank everyone for a very good 2014 and look forward to a fun-filled year 2015!

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